Road Sweeping Brushes

Brushtec’s range of road sweeping brushes has been developed to enhance the performance of road, pavement, and street sweepers.

Cleaning roads and pavements of any town or city is a tough job, and so we have invested a lot of time and thought into the materials and design of our municipal side brushes, ring brushes and main brooms.

This research and development has resulted in an aftermarket road sweeping brush range which outperforms OEM spares in both lifespan and sweeping performance. These kinds of efficiencies speak for themselves in assisting road sweeper operators to get the most out of their sweepers; minimising fuel costs, the time taken to complete jobs, and reducing downtime of replacing brushes.

We manufacture brushes for all major road sweeper manufacturers, such as Johnston, Bucher, and Scarab.

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As fast-food litter and other street debris can be very tough to clean, investing in the right brush technology can make a huge difference to a street sweeper’s performance.


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