Small Roller Brush

Small cylinder brushes are designed for use in machines such as vacuum cleaners, carpet extraction machines, cigarette machines, small scrubber driers and dry carpet powder machines.

Using our in-house injection moulding division, we are able to produce low-cost precision tubes up to 600mm in length for large production run orders. Due to the costs involved, injection moulding is unsuited for smaller production runs. We own several inhouse tools with adjustable lengths and diameters, which can also incorporate hexagonal end drive caps.

For smaller production runs, and dimensions we are not tooled up for, extruded tubes may be used, however this is an expensive option and will increase the cost per unit.

For roller brushes used on conveyors and wider cleaning systems we would recommend our modular Zig-Zag roller brushes for these purposes instead, as they are better suited for these operations and can be purchased in much smaller quantities.

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