Wet and Corrosive Environments

From salt water to slurry many industries face wet, and corrosive environments which will see brushes suffer from premature degradation and bristle performance loss if not designed and manufactured correctly.

Brushtec can manufacture all our brushes to stand up to these tough conditions and continue to provide excellent performance when operating within them.

In particular our Sweepertec forked vehicle attachment is built off the shelf to withstand harsh outdoor environments and dirt which the brush may encounter.

Zig-zag rotary brushes and strip brushes commonly find their way into environments where they are meeting corrosive elements such as seawater, or sewage.

Looking For Something More Bespoke?

Most customers face unique requirements within their field and so require a bespoke brush solution. Follow the link to our interactive brush designer sheets to help communicate your ideas and requirements to us.

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