Pad Holders

Brushtec manufactured pad holders are available in a comprehensive range of designs for use with cleaning and polishing machines.

Within this range are ultra-high speed pad holders, foam pad holders, and pad retaining clips – which work with both clockwise and anti-clockwise rotational cleaning machines.

All our pad holder range has been designed and manufactured to the highest standards using the best machinery and materials. Over the years we have listened to the requests and requirements of OEM’s and engineers in the cleaning industry and developed our pad holders to meet these.

Pad holders are made to order, so please get in touch with your requirements.

Pad Stick 2® Key Benefits

  • Brushtec’s Pad Stick 2® has thousands of tough nylon 6/12 harpoon hooks which fasten instantly and securely to a mop or brush pad.
  • Can be used on single-brush polishing machine, and orbital cleaning equipment which work at high speeds.

Pad Clip Holder Key Benefits

  • Two-piece assembly made from a soft high impact polymer for extra strength and longer life.
  • The clip attaches quickly to all grades of pads, holding the pad centrally and securely.
  • Works with both clockwise and anti-clockwise rotational drive machines.
  • The design of the large centre hole allows for unrestricted water access to the cleaning pad.

Screw on Pad Retaining Device Benefits

  • Designed for use on high, and ultra-high-speed machines.
  • The design of the large centre hole allows for unrestricted solution flow on centre feed floor machines.
  • The centre hole design also allows for the machine support wheel to be located in the centre of the pad holder.
  • Incorporating four wings around the annual centre collar, our pad holders hold high speed pads very securely.
  • A deep 1 & ½” long thread allows for easy location on ultra-high speed pad holders.

Looking For Something More Bespoke?

Most customers face unique requirements within their field and so require a bespoke brush solution. Follow the link to our interactive brush designer sheets to help communicate your ideas and requirements to us.

Design Your Own Brush

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