Belt and Chain Lubrication Brushes.

Can you manufacture brushes for the lubrication of belts and chains?

These brushes are highly specialised and are made to special order, they are constructed with a sealed bore through the brush to allow fluid or air to pass through the bristles.

We have manufactured these lubrication brushes for various purposes such as:

  • The cleaning and/or lubrication of belts and chains with silicon release oil.
  • To apply liquids to products in the food production industry.
  • Compressed air passing through the brush to clean linear ball screws.

If you require lubrication brushes manufactured, please get in touch and we can provide a quotation.

Zig-Zag Roller Brush ID to My Specific Size.

Can Zig-Zag cylinders be bored to my required size?

Within reason we can bore out our Zig-Zag brushes to meet a required ID. An alternative option for some applications is our 75mm ID Zig-Zag which can be bushed to any size required.

Please view the Zig-Zag product page for more information.

Brushes for Cleaning Solar Panels.

Will the UV Coating on solar panels brush off?

It’s best to ask your supplier of the solar panel what is recommended to keep the manufacturers guarantee. You will likely find that they only allow hand pole washing, using pure water with a soft flocked window wash brush.

Please view our window cleaning brushes page for more information.

Extruded Rubber Brush Backs.

Can you tuft extruded rubber section?

We can tuft extruded rubber strip brushes, and whilst we do not have an extruder in house we can source it or you may provide it to us for filling.

Customers may also provide their own plastic or wooden brush backs for filling so long as they meet our production standards.

Static Free Brushes.

Can You Manufacture Static Free Brushes?

We can manufacture our strip brushes and zig-zag roller brushes to operate in static free environments.

This requirement is quite often found in the food industry where the dust of flour, sugar, and other ingredients can pose an explosion risk. Likewise, keenly sensitive production lines such as in electrical component production have a requirement for static free brushes.

Our design your own brushes pages provide a way for you to easily communicate your requirements for static free zig-zags roller brushes or strip brushes. These can be found by following this link.

For more information on our strip brushes zig-zag roller brushes please view their respective product pages which can be found through the links below.

Wire Brushes for Airport Runways, Racetracks, and Pedestrian Areas.

Can you supply steel wire brushes for airport runways, and racetracks?

We strongly advise that wire brushes are not used at airports, racetracks, or pedestrian areas. Whilst steel wire bristle is good at scarifying, inherent to its material properties are its propensity to fatigue. Wire will fatigue, it is a case of when, not if, and these broken shards of wire are sharp and can damage tyres and injury to people; instead, we insist that these sensitive areas are swept with plastic bristled brushes.

For more information on steel wire brushes compared to plastic bristled brushes please view our resource article here. To get in touch for a quotation of side brushes, please follow this link.


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